The Story Behind Woman With Christ

A message from the Founder:

Although Woman With Christ began in 2016, it took years to get there. Two years I journeyed through my personal blog. I wrote about everything from fashion and health to relationships. You name it, I have written articles about it. I began the cycle of trying new trends to obtain followers, and even that didn’t work. I began to immerse myself in information for businesses and brands. I would attempt to build my blog’s direction, but my mind made it impossible with a lack of focus.

The truth was that I didn’t have enough character yet to sustain my own voice.

Still, there was complete certainty in me that an online presence was for me. God had given me a global vision, and this type of work would bring me the mobility that I needed. After trial and error, I figured out I was out of season. I stepped into blogging without God’s permission to begin. A few red flags were the confusion and discouragement that kept emerging.

Late one night on my bedroom floor, I created Woman With Christ. The whole process took less than an hour. I was blown away with the transitional ease. Words were flying out, and I began to type what I imagined. I finally had a sense of direction and peace. After a few weeks, I had narrowed down what Woman With Christ truly was.

I came to the conclusion that Woman With Christ is for people just like me, who want to balance blogging and their faith, but need encouragement, motivation and inspiration to do so!

Consider your story as God’s handy work. We are all masterpieces in the making. Each of us stand in His marvelous light. We have a good Father who knows what He’s doing. Let Him provide you with all that you need to move forward on your journey.

I’m praying for you!

– Taylor

Our Motivation For Starting

We wake up in the morning because we want to see the work of the Lord being done. We are committed to encouraging Christian bloggers to grow closer to Jesus through their obedience. When we are obedient to Him, His work will get accomplished. One day He will use you, and the next day He will use us. It doesn’t matter because the work of the Lord is all the same. One plants, another waters, but God gives the increase.

Christians are not our only ministry, though. We strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the streets and to the world. The Lord pressed this phrase upon our hearts: “If all every Christian does is tell other Christians to stand up, then who is going to be the one that actually stands?” Here we are, Lord. Send us. We will stand for you.

What You Can Expect

We are not business coaches or brand experts. We are vessels being used by God. What we’ve learned is to expect the unexpected from Him. However, we will help you deal with struggles that Christian bloggers face by providing you with biblical knowledge, revelation and practical tips and techniques.


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