Do We Really Have Control?

The Bible says humans are to take control of God’s creation and ourselves. Unfortunately, over time we have added our own areas that we see fit to control.

The main one we tend to pick up on is choosing our areas of obedience while we continue rebelling elsewhere. This new belief has run rampant in today’s society and in the church, but has existed long before Adam and Eve’s story. It’s the prime reason why Satan got kicked out of Heaven, y’all. He wanted control, and our girl Eve wanted control too.

As much as we joke about Eve, we find ourselves falling right back in the same patterns.  In fact, the list of areas we want control over is quite large.

Today, let’s focus on things that we do have control over, especially as Christian bloggers. This will help us rule out anything that we desperately need to let go of.


Think back to the last time you had a full day of rest. Yup, we’ll wait while you think long and hard. Either someone was tugging at your leg saying “Mommy” or your dog was barking to be let outside. The definition of rest has been tossed and seems to be flying with the wind somewhere far off in our lives.

Luckily, we are under no laws that enforce this rest upon us. We don’t have to rest on a certain day or even rest at all, like during the Old Covenant. But this doesn’t diminish the fact that rest is still important! Jesus is our rest in the New Covenant.

But naturally, how do we get to Jesus? Do we find Jesus while focusing on a million other things? We usually find Him in a quiet place. We seek and search for Him with all of our hearts. We wait patiently and listen for His voice. This is how we connect deeply to our true rest.

As a blogger that can be over saturated with media content and the online world, it feels almost impossible to truly enter that rest. If we can be honest, some days getting to Jesus is the last thing we do before we fall asleep.

It’s almost like playing phone tag with a company that is offering you an important career opportunity. You didn’t hear them calling you and when you realize that you’ve missed them, it’s already too late to call them back. You get extremely bummed and have to wait until tomorrow for another chance.

You might completely miss Jesus, and you lay down to realize it after all those hours wasted. You get upset at yourself for spending so much time away from Him. You reflect on your day and can see a clear difference on how you felt and acted without Jesus. Sometimes it was like you weren’t even saved by how you treated others.

But don’t fret because His mercies are new every morning. We can begin to take control over this area of our life through self discipline. Remain consistent as your schedule allows. For example, maybe you don’t head to work at the same time everyday, but your routine is to spend time reading the Word before work. These practical systems are a great place to start.

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Continue on!


Let’s just get this out of the way. Work does not mean that you are in control of your customers, business profits or any worldly success. We don’t believe that the only way to work hard is to show proof of it through your income. That’s definitely not how Jesus talked when He saw the widow’s offering. That’s a lie the enemy made up to get society to chase after money.

We believe in working hard, which might mean cleaning toilets for a living. Real work includes what God has called you to do. Maybe He has given you a platform, that’s great sis. But if you’re currently hidden behind closed doors in the closet praying, you better work it just as hard!

We have all been assigned different tasks with specific customers in mind. We know that God will give the increase to any toil in His timing. But work ethic is what we do control. What we choose to work on or hold off until last minute, that matters.

If we run like Jonah, we may end up in a big ol’ sea with a boat that’s about to be shipwrecked. If we procrastinate, we may end up in the wilderness for forty years. But if we do our job with clear focus and willingness to please Him, we have created a positive and productive work ethic that will produce fruit in due season.


We said before that God has control over your customers. However, we have control over our reactions to the customers that He sends. Customer service is great way to prove our determination to act respectfully at all times, at all costs.

We also have control over our intentions with other people. Are we being judgmental and harsh towards certain people? Are we being too relaxed about our faith and beliefs with others? Do we feel compelled to sin after we hangout with a certain group, but continue on in the relationship anyway?

Even when it comes down to those closest to us. If we’re living with our parents, are we being obedient to our unsaved fathers? If we’re married, are we honoring our husbands as if we were serving Christ? Or do we nag, moan and complain over meaningless situations that we can’t control?

As there’s a process to building relationships, control over our relationships may need to be worked on over time. If you struggle with a certain relationship and it’s causing tension and confusion, focus on your reactions to that one person first. Slowly move your way up to all the other relationships. Start small and you’ll see big growth.


Lastly, our obedience to the Lord is an area where we have control over. The goodness of God leads to repentance, but it’s our choice to walk by the Spirit or walk in the flesh. This battle is constant every day, which is why we’ve created a FREE seven day devotional dedicated to becoming more obedient to the Lord. Please click here so you can download it now! 


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  1. These are phenomenal. Knowing that we cannot control everything but that we can control a handful of things that can tremendously impact our quality of life creates such a sense of peace


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