The Importance Of Self Growth

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While on Pinterest, we scrolled past a quote from an atheist that really stood out to us. The quote read “Knowledge of Self Is My Religion.” Underneath the quote was a similar caption:

The biggest issue I have with Christianity, besides the judgment and lack of love for others, is the lack of introspection and growth due to the Theory of Atonement that puts the payment of “crime” on another, aka the sacrifice of Jesus. It lacks activity in the frontal cortex which is responsible for introspection. It becomes a constant cycle of-sin, repentance, sin, repentance-without actual growth or change.

First and foremost, have you ever been blown away by atheists before? It’s okay to say yes, because we sure have! Once we heard a man answer why he was an atheist. He said “Because of Christians.” He then became a Christian and was asked why. He said “Because of Jesus.” Mind blown.

Well, that does it folks, we’re nowhere close to perfecting Jesus’ image. But the thoughts this atheist brings up make a great point.

We know that what this atheist said isn’t true according to the Bible. We are supposed to grow along with being saved by the Blood of Jesus. But are modern day Christians missing something that others in the world can see?

Yes, we’re slacking on ourselves!

As a Christian, we have opportunities to grow each day, month and season. This growth produces outward fruit that is evident. Some fruit grow quickly and others take more time. These fruit are love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control-plus the Spirit’s gifts and ministries He gives to each person.

But what happens when we arrive somewhere and level off? We become stuck. The Lord showed us this vision one night. He showed a group of women together. These women were in the light. They were running like they were trying to get somewhere. They had their heads turned back to one woman.

She was on the ground in complete darkness. She was looking up at them, but had such a negative mindset within herself. She had her knees by her chest. All the while, the group of ladies were urging the woman to join them. They kept saying “Come with us! Come with us!” but they never stopped moving. The woman began crying as the group got further and further away. Eventually, the group passed by and she was left in complete darkness.

The woman represents one who is completely stuck. As the group began to continue on, hopelessness became prominent. She had no hope to be pulled out of the situation due to her mindset. She began to feel the distance between others. It began to become a deeper hole as time passed on. The women were choosing to run as the woman was choosing to stay stuck.

Being stuck may occur because of depression, doubt, lack of motivation, fear, anxiety, anger, confusion or worry. Nonetheless, its a state that doesn’t produce growth. It even eats away at past progress! Let’s take a look at this opposition.



None of us are going to grow at the same pace or speed. This however does not account for being stuck, especially for a long period of time. There’s a difference.

We want to make sure you acknowledge this. Why? Because the first resistance to growing is denial. If the enemy has got you there, then you won’t continue forward.


Let’s do some thinking. Take out your writing material and grab your phone.

Think about the past one to two weeks. Think back to one month ago.

Have you made any progress forward in your spiritual walk since either of those dates? If so, write down your victories.

What was the biggest opposition holding you back from progressing more? Write those down as well.

How about if you haven’t made any progress? Just say so! If this is you, text your closest friend/mentor right now and tell them.

If you’re nervous, send this message: “I’ll explain later, but I’m at a stand still in my spiritual walk and I want to talk about ways to progress with you soon.”

A Bit Deeper

Now let’s go a little further.

Did you prolong your growth period? If so, jot down some times where this happened. (Include key words such as procrastination, people pleasing, disobedience, etc.)

Reflect on the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Which are your strong and weak areas currently?

Do you see any relation between your weak ‘fruit’ and your oppositional areas?

By now, you should have some clarity on what you need to work on in the upcoming weeks with Jesus.

It’s best if you write down a clear goal, small action steps to get there and a time frame to check in by. Please do that now. (All of our business people and bloggers know what we’re talking about!)

This introductory process of introspection and striving to grow is what we’re supposed to be about, as the atheist so clearly stated. No excuse is good enough to keep us stuck.

We pray you use this in your spiritual walk, especially if you currently find yourself stuck.

Have hope for the hopeless? Write about a time where God brought you through your stagnant season in the comments!



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  1. This is such an important post. I have also gotten the impression that some Christians don’t really work on improving themselves, and I feel like that comes from us believing that we have to minimize ourselves to experience more of God. And while that is true, I also think that as we work on improving ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, we’ll find that the progress we make will give God glory. Your tips were great. Thank you and God bless you for writing this!


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