Christian Bloggers Should Share Their Personal Testimony

Something has happened to each one of us that seemed impossible. The end result shows that we got through it anyway. Here we are, maybe not where we want to be quite yet, but definitely nowhere near where we were before. It’s a happy-medium place, and eventually you just learn to enjoy the process and live to be a part of the journey.

If there’s one thing we know about testimonies, it’s that they inspire others. Even further than that, they heal and restore people’s souls. They are ONE OF THE GREATEST WORDS that God has created to show His power and might! Do you believe it? Our words are powerful enough to build up and tear down (Proverbs 18:21).

In order to prove the power of testifying, we have teamed up with some amazing ladies! They have been courageous enough to grace us with their words and share their personal experiences. We pray that their words bless you. May they be the exact words you need to get through your current season.

If you missed the opportunity to share, let this be encouragement to start. Go into detail and glorify Him on your website or social media. There’s no better time to begin than now!

Lastly, we ask that you please interact with all of the Christian bloggers and ladies below.

Hayley Cook
This is Hayley Cook’s story from Graceful Losing. Hayley gives us a glimpse of what Graceful Losing is all about: “As John 3:30 states, God must become greater – and we must become less. Graceful Losing is one girl’s journey to lose things she doesn’t need (anxiety, depression, and weight) to make more room for what is vital… Jesus Christ.” You can contact her privately at Enjoy!

One of my first serious fears growing up was that eventually, somehow, I would lose all of the people I loved. That’s probably because my father walked out on me when I was four years old.

As I grew older I experienced bullying and began to gain weight. I used food to cope, and slowly became a very depressed and anxious teenager who experienced panic attacks every day.

I spent most of my high-school years living in fear. I wanted to sing, but was afraid I’d be mocked. I wanted to make friends but was afraid I’d lose them anyway. I wanted to love myself but didn’t know if I was worthy of being loved at all.

I thought about my past when I graduated high-school and saw nothing to be proud of. I saw failure after failure in my rear view mirror – sexually assaulted as a child, a loner, and someone who was ugly and unworthy of a bright future.

Then Jesus found me.

I knew God well, having been brought up in church by my wonderful family. I was blessed with people who knew God, but somehow my relationship had been shallow until I hit rock bottom in a sea of depression.

I didn’t realize that no deep water, no high mountain, no person and no barrier in this world could ever separate me from the love of Christ.

It was when my brother was saved that I realized this. I was 18 and he was a couple years younger than me.

Our father left him too. Yet he still went with an open heart to the Rock.

I decided to get to know Jesus again, to put my trust in God even though I didn’t want to trust anyone.

That’s when I finally saw –

My worth.

There was nothing to fear.

I didn’t have to be alone, I didn’t have to feel ugly and defeated, and I most certainly didn’t have to hide.

Now I stand out. I sing. I write. I share my story to encourage others to share their own.

Follow my journey, and you will see what God has done for me –

And what He wants to do for you.

Katelyn Smith
This is Katelyn Smith’s story from God Is Good Yall. Katelyn gives us a glimpse of what God Is Good Yall is all about: “On my blog, I have a very broad range of topics. I write about anything and everything I see and God lays on my heart.” You can contact her privately at Enjoy!

I can remember the time I got saved as a child and how amazing it felt once I gave my life to God. But as I grew up I started kind of just going through the motions. I’d go to church every Sunday and kept saying how I was on fire for God and I was going to do great things, but there was never a full change.

In high school, I started seeing everyone in relationships and seeming to be perfect while I could barely keep a guy interested in me for a month. I wanted a relationship SO bad, I kind of obsessed over it.

Fast forward to the fall of 2015. I’d go on dates almost every weekend, but they never really worked out. I didn’t even realize at the time that my self-esteem had gotten so low. I was putting all my thoughts of happiness into guys. My thought process was “Hey, if this guy finally sticks around I’ll be happy.”

I remember the exact night everything changed. I was driving home one night and I just started crying. I kept yelling at God pleading “Why? Why can I not get a guy to love me? Lord, just send me somebody. Anybody.”

I ended up finally just giving it all up and giving it to God. I didn’t realize at that time that God had something else in mind entirely.

After that I started to change. You know how in the church we say “when you finally give it up to God, everything changes”? It absolutely does. God started working on me, my attitude, how I viewed myself, just the entire way I lived.

All the years of trying so hard to be loved and not realizing that the Maker of the whole universe was already completely in love with me.

I gave everything to Him, all my trust. Even my trust in dating and potentially marrying one day. I told Him that I wouldn’t go on a single date unless I felt in my heart it was the one He sent me.

I have such a newfound feeling of purpose, and love.

Tamara South
This is Tamara South’s story from Simply T Nicole. Tamara gives us a glimpse of what Simply T Nicole is all about: “I seek to help others overcome the bereavement of parents, suicide prevention and helps young girls discover their hidden beauty in Christ.” You can contact her privately at Enjoy!

I lost my mother at the age of 6 and my father at the age of 13. My journey was not an easy one.

From the age of 6, I had suicidal tendencies and low self-esteem. My mother passed from a blood transfusion and my father died of AIDS from drug use. I was raised by my grandmother until she passed away when I was 18 years old.

During this time, my self-esteem plummeted and I could not see my self-worth, so I used my grades to determine if I was a good person or not. If I received an A, it meant I was a good person. Anything else and I would punish myself. I lived in other people’s shoes and shadows trying to be who I was not.

I was homeless after my grandmother passed away and I had to use the college dorms as a place to live while in college. During this time, I was still suicidal. I went from counselor to counselor but nothing worked.

Still dealing with low self-esteem and suicidal tendencies, I went on to New York University where I was a graduate housing assistant. I met my now husband at the time, but even he didn’t know how much of a mess I was.

One night as him and I were walking back to my dorm room, I tried to get hit by a car. He couldn’t take that type of behavior and told me that I would have to change or else.

As I walked back to my room, I started hearing voices telling me to kill myself. First, I tried to get rid of the voices by taking a shower, but that didn’t work.

Then, I heard a voice say “Jump out of the window.” I went to the window of my 13-story dorm room and attempted to jump. I looked out of the window. It looked like if I jumped, the floor would be right under me. I felt that this was the moment. I stepped on the ledge, still hearing many voices telling me to jump.

Then all of a sudden, I heard a voice say “STOP.” I got down on my knees and cried out to God. I told him to take these thoughts from me.

God truly saved me from myself.

And lastly, there’s our abortion story!

We hope that you leave here feeling encouraged, despite what your story may entail. Jesus is the master story teller. Feel free to share what He’s brought you through in the comments below! We love to hear about His work being done.


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  1. Hi Taylor, what a beautiful site, even more beautiful is the content! Images are to die for and the content is real life. P.S. My blog is launching soon and I’m doing research, your site is one of my favs so far! Thank you!
    xoxo Mindy


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