Are You Running From Your Calling?

The enemy has deceived you. This isn’t the nicest way to start an article, but it’s the word of the Lord.

We’re here to shut down the number one reason why people are running from their calling.

Deceiving means believing something false is true. Again, the enemy has deceived you. You believe something false is true. You believe that the hardest part about your calling is God using you. That’s why you haven’t stepped into your calling yet. That’s why you still question many areas of your calling. That’s why you’re stressed and worried.

What if we said that the opposite is true? The truth is that God using you is the easiest part of the whole process. Let’s explain this before you freak out and start to roll your eyes.

Here is a glimpse of what Christians believe about their calling. We question if God can use us because we don’t believe He can. We question if our work really matters because we don’t believe it does. We question if we can truly make a difference because we don’t believe it’s possible to. We question our calling altogether because we don’t believe we have enough skills or abilities to do the work. We question the timeline of our calling because we don’t believe we have enough education or experience yet.

Do any of these sound like your own thoughts? If you answered yes, you are able to shift your perspective into the truth!

The truth is that God can use you. Your work does matter to Him and His people. You can make a difference in the Kingdom and on earth. You have unlimited skills and abilities through God to equip you for your calling. You have unlimited knowledge and expertise in Him through the Holy Spirit’s revelation. The only thing that God wants for the calling is you. He takes you just as you are, here and now.

Your calling requires one thing, which is to live out who you are. There is no resume that you need to bring in order to get the job. No interview that you need to do before you begin. No training required to step out into the field.

If He has told you to do something, than where He has taken you prior will have been enough. If He has given you your assignment, He will bring you through the process and help you to complete His plans. There is nothing else for you to do than to show up and follow Him. This is the easy part that we’re trying to get you to see. Can you be you? Yes, of course! You were born this way. It’s the only thing you know how to do perfectly well.

But what do you believe? If you believe being used is the hard part, you will never start walking in faith. If you believe the enemy’s lie, you will never begin God’s work. This is the reason for his deception. He has kept many of us in hiding. But we’re not sorry devil, because right now is the time to open the prison door. But only you have the key!

So what is the hard part? The most difficult part of the calling is physical and mental exhaustion. Yes, it’s true. Showing up isn’t difficult and being yourself isn’t difficult. But you are only human, and that is your limitation. You can only be at one place at one time. You can only take so much in one day before you need to recharge.

The number six represents man’s limitation, which is why the seventh day was made for rest. And yet the enemy, once again, has his hand in God’s work. The enemy doesn’t allow us to know what rest is anymore! Some of us can’t sit still for an hour without needing to do something. This is a lie from the enemy. When you quiet yourself, that is when you truly hear God the most clearly. That is when we cut out all distractions and dedicate our time to worship God.

In future articles, we will discuss rest more in detail. But for now, take in your new truths. We pray you see your calling in a new light and begin to shut down the lies of the enemy.



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  1. encounteringlight July 24, 2016 — 1:19 am

    This post is exactly what I was praying to God about just earlier. It’s amazing how He works and moves and uses others to get people to listen to Him lol! Thank you so much for these words. They were exactly what I needed and more. God bless you!


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