How To Let Go Of Deep Wounds

We covered this in The Rise of Obedience Devotional, which you can download for free. But we want to share more about how to let go of deep wounds by contemplating a few questions.

  • Do you say that you’ve moved on from your past? Are you still affected by what occurred in your past? Have you walked yourself through dealing with all of the deep, dark parts?
  • Do you say that you no longer hold any harsh feelings against the people that hurt you? Do you get mad at perpetrators every time you hear a similar story to yours? Do negative feelings arise when the person who hurt you is brought up into conversation or randomly seen? Does it feel like your hurt happened just yesterday?
  • Do you try to overcome each situation that life throws at you as best as you can? Do you feel like after you put your very best out there, everything and anything can still pull you down? Is it hard to get out of bed in the morning many days at a time?
  • Do you say that you’ve forgiven those who have hurt you because no one is perfect? During conversations with others, will you bring up past pain points of what they’ve done to you? Do you bring those negative feelings and thoughts up in conversation with God too?

All of these questions bring us to one simple statement: letting go is a process. Specifically, there are stages like denial, anger, depression, and eventually acceptance. You may find yourself in one or in between two of them at any given moment. How you answered the questions above will show you where you see yourself. This will help because you’ll see what your progress is so far and how much longer you have to go.

A process like this can only be completed through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The first step is to begin to talk to Him about it. Do not vent to God about your thoughts and feelings towards the person(s) and how they wronged you. That is not healing and you need to move past this type of talk.

You need to talk to Him about the healing process. Ask God to show you what area of your heart needs work first. Tell Him that you need a different view point and perspective on the situation and the person(s). Ask Him what you need to fast from in order to be able to focus on the process. Talk to Him about how much extra time you need to spend each day on this. Let Him take over the conversation. Sit and listen for as long as you need to. Hold back from sharing your thoughts until He asks you a question.

Regardless of how long the journey takes, it’s best to get started now. Take small steps that scare you every so often and you’ll continue to heal. Obey the Holy Spirit’s voice when He tells you that it’s time to take your next step. You can be healed completely. The devil has already been defeated. Now is the time to walk in your victory. We pray that you get there soon!


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